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Re: [Ada] Do not pass -Werror during linking

Hi Eric,

Can you try to extract a testcase (assuming it's just a single case?).
We shouldn't
warn for layout-compatible types (but we may do so if for example struct
nesting differs).

It's more basic than that: for example, we map pointers on the C side to addresses (integers) on the Ada side.

is having Address be an integer useful any more? Nowadays it should be possible to declare Address to be an access type with no associated storage pool. Even nicer might be to have it be turned into void* when lowering to GCC types. After all, Address is really used much like void*; see how GNAT declares malloc for example. Both of these possibilities would probably play better with GCC's middle end type system, which considers integers to be different to pointers.

Ciao, Duncan.

PS: I first thought of this when I noticed (when using the dragonegg plugin to
compile Ada) that some of LLVM's optimizations bail out when they see integers
being used where they expect a pointer.  I tried tweaking the declaration of
Address to be an access type as mentioned above, but unfortunately that crashes
the compiler pretty quickly.

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