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Re: [wwwdocs] Add section on diagnostics conventions

Diego Novillo wrote:
> This is the first of a few patches to update GCC's documentation with
> the proposed conventions in the GCC Development Conventions document
> that Joseph and I published last year
> (
> I am just starting to get back to these documents, so I will start with
> the "easy" parts.  Joseph, Gabriel, I'm sending this patch to you since
> you folks maintain these areas.  Other changes to the documentation may
> need global reviewers.
> OK for wwwdocs?
> Diego.
> Index: codingconventions.html
> ===================================================================
> RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/codingconventions.html,v
> retrieving revision 1.63
> diff -u -d -u -p -r1.63 codingconventions.html
> --- codingconventions.html      12 Feb 2011 15:49:51 -0000      1.63
> +++ codingconventions.html      29 Jan 2012 21:51:56 -0000
> @@ -157,6 +157,45 @@ regression-checkers distinguish a true r
>  to the test suite.</p>
> +<h2>Diagnostics Conventions</h2>
> +<ul>
> +
> +<li>Use of the <code>input_location</code> global, and of the
> +diagnostic functions that implicitly use <code>input_location</code>,
> +is deprecated; the preferred technique is to pass around locations
> +ultimately derived from the location of some explicitly chosen source
> +code token.</li>
> +
> +<li>Diagnostics using the GCC diagnostic functions should generally
> +use the GCC-specific formats such as <code>%qs</code> or
> +<code>%&lt;</code> and <code>%&gt;</code> for quoting and
> +<code>%m</code> for <code>errno</code> numbers.</li>

A link to respective documentation would be greatly appreciated, i.e. a link to
the internals section describing the %-codes for diagnostic or a link to the
source file's comments.

Yes, I know it's in the sources. But guess you searched for documentation and
correct usage of %D. It will take you quite some time to find it in the sources...


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