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Re: [RFC, PATCH] ARM related deprecations

On Fri, 9 Dec 2011, Richard Earnshaw wrote:

> I think we've reached the point where the following target
> configurations should be End-of-Life'd.  As such, I'd like to mark them
> as deprecated in gcc-4.7, prior to removal after the branch.

I agree it's time to remove these old-ABI ports - and old-ABI uClinux 
should be deprecated / removed as well.  I intend to remove the old-ABI 
support in glibc at some point (it's bitrotten and just confuses people 
without actually building).

> I'd also like to remove at that time support for some now obsolete
> co-processor units, namely the FPA and Maverick.

Note that there's a default in arm.c

      target_fpu_name = FPUTYPE_DEFAULT;
      if (arm_arch_cirrus)
        target_fpu_name = "maverick";
        target_fpu_name = "fpe2";

meaning some targets default to FPA when no -mfpu= optionis passed, and 
removing FPA means changing the ABI for these ports.  It looks like these 
are: arm*-*-freebsd* arm*-*-uclinux* (old-ABI) arm*-*-ecos-elf 
arm*-*-rtems* (old-ABI) arm*-*-elf arm*-wince-pe*.  My presumption is that 
VFP format will be better for anyone currently using the FreeBSD and WinCE 
ports (while as discussed the others are deprecation candidates), though 
the FreeBSD port is probably rather bitrotten and much of the current 
WinCE support for GCC isn't upstream.

Joseph S. Myers

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