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Re: [PATCH] Fix mv8plus, allow targetting Linux or Solaris from other sparc host.

> This is precisely what I tried initially, and my posting was
> explicitly trying to explain that this kind of approach cannot
> work. :-)

It will work for Richard's case though and that's clearly the most glaring 
problem.  Moreover, it will bring Linux on par with Solaris, which is also a 
good thing.  And of course it will unbreak Solaris.

> Personally, I tend to build a 32-bit compiler and test 64-bit things by
> giving -m64.  Richard has been building 64-bit compilers and using -m32
> to test 32-bit stuff.
> Furthermore, consider that we need to solve this issue for things
> other than MASK_V8PLUS.  For example VIS2, VIS3, and FMAF all need
> similar treatment.
> Given that, I don't think we want to keep banging the specs for every
> new MASK we add, even if it could work.  I think the specs are quite
> convoluted as-is.

The specs is the only mechanism that discriminates between user input and the 
rest.  I don't think that rejecting them upfront is a good approach.

> I'll try to brainstorm on this, thanks for letting me know about the
> Solaris target problem.

Let's fix the regression quickly though.

Eric Botcazou

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