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Re: [PATCH] New port for TILEPro and TILE-Gx 3/7: gcc port

On Thu, 20 Oct 2011, Walter Lee wrote:

> > > +#undef MCOUNT_NAME
> > > +#define MCOUNT_NAME "mcount"
> > 
> > For a new target it seems much better to define your ABI to use a name in
> > the reserved namespace for this - that is, starting with two underscores.
> I've changed it to use "_mcount" with one underscore.  That seems to be what
> glibc support by default, and it's consistent with x86, and we'd prefer to be
> consistent with x86 whenever possible.

x86 also has a newer version __fentry__ with -mfentry.  ARM has mcount and 
__gnu_mcount_nc.  I don't think consistency with the old x86 _mcount is 
particularly desirable.

> > > +/* For __clear_cache in libgcc2.c.  */
> > > +#ifdef IN_LIBGCC2
> > > +
> > > +#include <arch/icache.h>
> > 
> > Where does this header come from?  Linux kernel, glibc, somewhere else?
> > In general you want to condition header includes on inhibit_libc to
> > facilitate bootstrapping (including building a partial static libgcc)
> > before the libc headers are installed, since configuring glibc to install
> > its headers requires a working compiler to run configure tests.
> We plan to include this as part of the Linux kernel, as the kernel itself
> depends on it.

So "make headers_install" for your architectures will install this header 
under than name?

Joseph S. Myers

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