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Re: PATCH: PR rtl-optimization/50696: [x32] Unnecessary lea

> Same here, I don't like it but I hardly see any alternative.  The only 
> possibility could be to prevent calling expand_compound_operation 
> completely for addresses.  Richard, what do you think?  Don't worry, 
> combine hasn't changed much since your days. :)

The problem wasn't potential changes to combine, but my memory ...

But now I refreshed it and understand the issue.

expand_compound_operation and make_compond_operation were meant to be used
as a pair.  You first do the former, then see if the result can be
simplified, then call the latter in case it couldn't.

In the SET case, we call the latter in simplify_set.  But there's also this
code in combine_simplify_rtx:

    case MEM:
      /* Ensure that our address has any ASHIFTs converted to MULT in case
         address-recognizing predicates are called later.  */
      temp = make_compound_operation (XEXP (x, 0), MEM);
      SUBST (XEXP (x, 0), temp);

THAT'S the code that should do the transformation that this patch contains.
So I'd suggest doing some debugging and seeing why it isn't.  This could
just be a bug in make_compound_operation not handling the SUBREG.

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