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Rename some fields in struct language_function. (issue5229058)

This patch is needed in the pph branch because streamers need access
to the fields in struct language_function without going through

Since these fields are named exactly like their #define counterparts,
we cannot reference them without the pre-processor expanding the
#defines, which causes build errors.

OK for trunk?

Tested on x86_64.


	* cp-tree.h (struct language_function): Rename returns_value
	to x_returns_value.
	Rename returns_null to x_returns_null.
	Rename returns_abnormally to x_returns_abnormally.
	Rename in_function_try_handler to x_in_function_try_handler.
	Rename in_base_initializer to x_in_base_initializer.
	Update all users.

diff --git a/gcc/cp/cp-tree.h b/gcc/cp/cp-tree.h
index b53accf..a163cd2 100644
--- a/gcc/cp/cp-tree.h
+++ b/gcc/cp/cp-tree.h
@@ -1050,11 +1050,11 @@ struct GTY(()) language_function {
   tree x_vtt_parm;
   tree x_return_value;
-  BOOL_BITFIELD returns_value : 1;
-  BOOL_BITFIELD returns_null : 1;
-  BOOL_BITFIELD returns_abnormally : 1;
-  BOOL_BITFIELD in_function_try_handler : 1;
-  BOOL_BITFIELD in_base_initializer : 1;
+  BOOL_BITFIELD x_returns_value : 1;
+  BOOL_BITFIELD x_returns_null : 1;
+  BOOL_BITFIELD x_returns_abnormally : 1;
+  BOOL_BITFIELD x_in_function_try_handler : 1;
+  BOOL_BITFIELD x_in_base_initializer : 1;
   /* True if this function can throw an exception.  */
   BOOL_BITFIELD can_throw : 1;
@@ -1107,23 +1107,23 @@ struct GTY(()) language_function {
 /* Set to 0 at beginning of a function definition, set to 1 if
    a return statement that specifies a return value is seen.  */
-#define current_function_returns_value cp_function_chain->returns_value
+#define current_function_returns_value cp_function_chain->x_returns_value
 /* Set to 0 at beginning of a function definition, set to 1 if
    a return statement with no argument is seen.  */
-#define current_function_returns_null cp_function_chain->returns_null
+#define current_function_returns_null cp_function_chain->x_returns_null
 /* Set to 0 at beginning of a function definition, set to 1 if
    a call to a noreturn function is seen.  */
 #define current_function_returns_abnormally \
-  cp_function_chain->returns_abnormally
+  cp_function_chain->x_returns_abnormally
 /* Nonzero if we are processing a base initializer.  Zero elsewhere.  */
-#define in_base_initializer cp_function_chain->in_base_initializer
+#define in_base_initializer cp_function_chain->x_in_base_initializer
-#define in_function_try_handler cp_function_chain->in_function_try_handler
+#define in_function_try_handler cp_function_chain->x_in_function_try_handler
 /* Expression always returned from function, or error_mark_node
    otherwise, for use by the automatic named return value optimization.  */

This patch is available for review at

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