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Re: [PATCH] Fix VIS3 assembler check and conditionalize testsuite on VIS3 support.

> I see, so we can test the code generation in the testsuite even if the
> compiler was built against an assembler without support for the
> instructions.

At least partially, yes.

> But in such a case, I'm unsure if I understand why i386.exp needs
> these tests at all.  The presence of support for a particular i386
> intrinsic is an implicit property of the gcc sources that these test
> cases are a part of.
> If the tests are properly added only once the code to support the i386
> intrinsic is added as well, the checks seem superfluous.

The check is an _object_ check, for example:

proc check_effective_target_sse4 { } {
    return [check_no_compiler_messages sse4.1 object {

so it checks that an object file can be produced.  You indeed don't need to 
invoke the check via the sse4.1 tag if you use:

/* { dg-do compile } */

in your tests, but you do need the sse4.1 tag if you use:

/* { dg-do assemble } */


/* { dg-do run } */

So the first category of tests will always be executed, whereas the latter two 
will only be executed if you have the binutils support.

Eric Botcazou

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