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Re: Initial shrink-wrapping patch

On 10/06/11 21:33, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

> Note that you can test Go yourself by adding --enable-languages=go to
> your configure line.  Nothing special is required to build Go.  It works
> better if you use the gold linker but that is not required.

Oh, ok. For some reason I thought I was remembering that it doesn't
build on my box.

Here's the set of fixes I have now. find_many_sub_blocks needs to be run
on the destination of the orig_entry_edge, and it also appears to munge
basic block pointers, so unconverted_simple_returns now stores jump
insns. For HJ's problem I gave in and used register numbers rather than
comparing with stack_pointer_rtx etc., and converted some more code to
use df as originally suggested by Richard S.

Testing now with rth's csa patch also applied, both i686-linux and
x86_64-linux. Bootstraps complete, all languages including Go for the
i686-linux one. Ok if testing passes?


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