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[Patch 0/5] ARM 64 bit sync atomic operations [V3]

  This is V3 of a series of 5 patches relating to ARM atomic operations;
they incorporate most of the feedback from V2.  Note the patch numbering/
ordering is different from v2; the two simple patches are now first.

  1) Correct the definition of TARGET_HAVE_DMB_MCR so that it doesn't
     produce the mcr instruction in Thumb1 (and enable on ARMv6 not just 6k
     as per the docs).
  2) Fix pr48126 which is a misplaced barrier in the atomic generation
  3) Provide 64 bit atomic operations using the new ldrexd/strexd in ARMv6k 
     and above.
  4) Provide fallbacks so that when compiled for earlier CPUs a Linux kernel
     asssist is called (as per 32bit and smaller ops)
  5) Add test cases and support for those test cases, for the operations
     added in (3) and (4).

This code has been tested built on x86-64 cross to ARM run in ARM and Thumb
(C, C++, Fortran).

It is against git rev 68a79dfc.

Relative to v2:
  Test cases split out
  Code sharing between the test cases
  More coding style cleanup
  A handful of NULL->NULL_RTX changes

Relative to v1:
  Split the DMB_MCR patch out
  Provide complete changelogs
  Don't emit IT instruction except in Thumb2 mode
  Move iterators to (didn't move the table since it was specific
  Remove sync_atleastsi
  Use sync_predtab in as many places as possible
  Avoid headers in libgcc
  Made various libgcc routines I added static
  used __write instead of write
  Comment the barrier move to explain it more

  Note that the kernel interface has remained the same for the helper, and as
such I've not changed the way the helper calling in patch 2 is structured.

This work is part of Linaro blueprint:


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