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Re: Modify gcc for use with gdb (issue5132047)

On 11-10-06 04:58 , Richard Guenther wrote:

I know you are on to that C++ thing and ending up returning a reference
to make it an lvalue.  Which I very much don't like (please, if you go
that route add _set functions and lower the case of the macros).

Not necessarily. I'm after making the debugging experience easier (among other things). Only a handful of macros were converted into functions in this patch, not all of them. We may not *need* to convert all of them either.

What's the other advantage of using inline functions?  The gdb
annoyance with the macros can be solved with the .gdbinit macro
defines (which might be nice to commit to SVN btw).

Static type checking, of course. Ability to set breakpoints, and as time goes on, more inline functions will start showing up.

We already have several. The blacklist feature would solve your annoyance with tree_operand_length, too. Additionally, blacklist can deal with non-inline functions, which can be useful.


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