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Re: [PATCH] Add an intermediate coverage format for gcov

On Oct 5, 2011, at 12:47 AM, Sharad Singhai wrote:
> This patch adds an intermediate coverage format (enabled via 'gcov
> -i'). This is a compact format as it does not require source files.

I don't like any of the tags, I think if you showed them to 100 people that had used gcov before, very few of them would be able to figure out the meaning without reading the manual.  Why make it completely cryptic?  A binary encoded compress format is smaller and just as readable.

SF, sounds like single float to me, I'd propose file.
FN, sounds like filename, I'd propose line.
FNDA, can't even guess at what it means, I'd propose fcount.
BA, I'd propose branch, for 0, notexe, for 1, nottaken, for 2 taken.
DA, I'd propose lcount

I'd propose fcount be listed as fname,ecount, to match the ordering of lcount.  Also, implicit in the name, is the ordering f, then count, l, then count.

I think if you showed the above to 100 people that had used gcov before, I think we'd be up past 90% of the people able to figure it out, without reading the doc.

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