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Re: [patch] --enable-dynamic-string default for mingw-w64 v2

On 10/1/2011 18:33, Pedro Alves wrote:
> On Saturday 01 October 2011 07:03:35, JonY wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I followed Paolo's suggestion with the os_defines.h trick. I duplicated
>> os/mingw32/ to os/mingw32-w64/ for this to work, since there aren't any
>> built-in defines to tell the 2 apart unless you include some headers
>> like _mingw.h.
> Are we really introducing a bunch of duplication between 
> os/mingw32/ and os/mingw32-w64/ ?  I didn't see the part that adds the
> new dir and does all those copies in the patch; where is it?  Or have
> I missed something?  Can't we make configure add
> -D__IM_REALLY_W64_YOU_KNOW to CFLAGS instead?  Or come up with a way
> to point libstd++ to pick up a new mingw32/os_defines_w64.h file instead
> that does:
> #include "os_defines.h"
> // mingw-w64 should use fully-dynamic-string by default
> #endif

The new files are missing from svn diff because I used svn copy to copy
the directories, svn diff didn't show them, should I use something else

IMHO, and mingw-w64 may or may not diverge further in the
future, so sprinkling defines to codes isn't very good in the long run.

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