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[patch] support for multiarch systems

Multiarch [1] is the term being used to refer to the capability of a system to
install and run applications of multiple different binary targets on the same
system.  The idea and name of multiarch dates back to 2004/2005 [2] (to be
confused with multiarch in glibc).

Multiarch defines new system directories for headers and libraries/object files:



The attached patch

 - searches for multiarch subdirectories in the list of
 - passes the option -imultiarch to the compiler binaries
 - the compiler binaries add the multiarch include paths
   to the system include path.
 - adds a driver option -print-multiarch

The multiarch triplets are defined in the target specific tmake files, and
provided for all known existing multiarch implementations (currently Debian,
Ubuntu and derivatives).  For non-multilib'd configurations, the triplet is
defined in MULTIARCH_DIRNAME, for multilib'd configurations each directory in
MULTILIB_OSDIRNAMES gets an multiarch directory associated, separated by a colon
(e.g. ../lib:x86_64-linux-gnu).  The multiarch names are as used by Debian, the
mips names go back to a discussion from 2006 [3] to match the ones for glibc.

Tested on non-multilib'd and multilib'd systems, both native and cross builds.
Ok for the trunk?



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