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Re: [patch] Fix gnat.dg/aliasing2.adb regression

> OK, I acted boldly and tested the complete change. :-) 
> Bootstrapped/regtested and LTO-bootstrapped (for C/Ada) on
> x86_64-suse-linux, OK for mainline?

There was a new C++ failure among the existing ones:

eric@atlantis:~/build/gcc/native32> gcc/xgcc -Bgcc -S vla9.C
vla9.C: In function 'void f(double*, int)':
vla9.C:13:44: internal compiler error: canonical types differ for identical 
types double [(((unsigned int)(((int)ny) + -0x000000001)) + 1)] and double 
[(((unsigned int)(((int)ny) + -0x000000001)) + 1)]
Please submit a full bug report,
with preprocessed source if appropriate.
See <> for instructions.

	  bool result = structural_comptypes (t1, t2, strict);
	  if (result && TYPE_CANONICAL (t1) != TYPE_CANONICAL (t2))
	    /* The two types are structurally equivalent, but their
	       canonical types were different. This is a failure of the
	       canonical type propagation code.*/
	      ("canonical types differ for identical types %T and %T", 
	       t1, t2);
	  else if (!result && TYPE_CANONICAL (t1) == TYPE_CANONICAL (t2))
	    /* Two types are structurally different, but the canonical
	       types are the same. This means we were over-eager in
	       assigning canonical types. */
	      ("same canonical type node for different types %T and %T",
	       t1, t2);
	  return result;

Eric Botcazou

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