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Re: ObjC/ObjC++: bug fixes for @catch

On 29 Nov 2010, at 00:10, Mike Stump wrote:

On Nov 28, 2010, at 4:42 AM, IainS wrote:
* I changed the top-level dg.exp file to run the testcases in the subdirectories
as well as the testcases in the top-level (I don't want to duplicate the .exp files
in each subdirectory unless there is a reason to do so)

there is a good reason to do so --

make check-objc RUNTESTFLAGS="exceptions.exp=* "

(and the existing equivalents) are very useful when tracking down categories of problems..

I suspect that automatically including the sub-dirs will double- execute a number of existing tests...


So, dg.exp=eh\*.C is a fine way to execute testcases... In general, there are more categories of testcases than we want either drivers or directories, so using either is flawed.

well... the way I've got things set up is a little more flexible than that.

FWIW, for example: make check-objc RUNTESTFLAGS="strings.exp=* "
--- will run all the .dg _and_ .dg/torture string tests ... which I think is useful.

AFAICS dejagnu will not accept wild-cards in the specification of the .exp files.

Of course, one needs to decide on what constitutes a 'major' category.
and I am sure that both approaches can be used in parallel ... small categories with dg.exp=dir/*.m ...

maybe whatever we do is flawed -
- but I believe having everything in one place is not the way to facilitate easy maintenance.


P.S. I guess we need to reach consensus [ or have a ruling :-)  ] since
(a) we're expanding the test-suite quite fast at the moment
(b) I was intending to document it before 4.6 goes out

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