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Re: gengtype plugin improvement last4round -patch 6 [wstate]

On Thu, 25 Nov 2010 15:13:25 +0200
Laurynas Biveinis <> wrote:

BTW, since you ok-ed with changes, I did commit to trunk.

> However I am looking at main() and have difficulty understanding: what
> was, as you say, the more intuitive place for write_state call that
> was wrong?

I forgot the details.  Jeremie & me wrote this code in august 2010, and
we did not use any private version control system. But I remember we
had a bug related to the placement of the call to write_state (). Maybe
at that time our understanding of gengtype was worse than today. IIRC
the possible issue was calling set_gc_used (variables) before or after

> For me the current one looks like the most intuitive: after
> all reading is done and before writing any output. 

> Second, can you
> explain bit more this scenario of plugin depending on another plugin?

So, let's dream that 4.6 is released and that a plugin is
commonly used, up to the point that other plugins like and are provided to run above it. Assume that all, & uses GTY and that foobar.c's GTY-ed types are
referencing a GTY-ed type provided by foo.c or its foo.h

To build, you need gt-foo.h generated by gengtype with
gengtype -r .../gtype.state -P gt-foo.h foo.h foo.c
But you may also want to provide for the use of sub-plugins 
like & the derived state file gtype-foo.state
You will then run also
gengtype -r .../gtype.state -P gt-foo.h foo.h foo.c -w gtype-foo.state
[I don't know if that works today, since I never tested]
so that for gt-foobar.h you would run
gengtype -r gtype-foo.state -P gt-foobar.h foobar.c

Is my explanation clear enough? 

Ok, to be clear, I did not test that use case. Maybe it don't work yet. But that would be a bug.


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