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Re: Adding Leon processor to the SPARC list of processors

Quoting Eric Botcazou <>:

However I also want a singlelib version to be able to compile. When
createing a glibc crosscompiler, compiling 4 version of glibc makes it
inpracticable. And crosscompiling user space apps I dont want the need to
supply the extra switches explicitly all the time.

Maybe there is a simple way to achieve both multilib and singlelib?

You can pass --disable-multilib at configure time.

Yes, if all the people who want only one set of libraries agree on what that set shall be (or this can be selected with existing configure flags), this is the simplest way.

But once you have different people wanting a different single library, this
approach is not longer sufficient.
Also, it might happen that someone doesn't want one multilib dimension, but
they want to keep another one.
E.g. they might say they don't want to support these different
architecture variants, but they need support for both endiannesses (Or you
might hear: hard and soft float, or glibc and uClibc.)

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