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Re: [wwwdocs] IPA and LTO updates

On 10-11-14 12:00 , Jan Hubicka wrote:

--- 48,93 ----
         with options that can affect standards compliance but result in
         better optimized code.  For example<code>-Ofast</code>  enables
!<li>Link-time optimization improvements
! 	<li><A HREF="";>Scalable Whole
! 	    Program Optimizer (WHOPR)</A>  project got into useable shape and replaced
! 	    by default the serial LTO optimization model.

Replace with:
<li>The <a href="";>Scalable Whole Program Optimizer (WHOPR)</a> project has stabilized to the point of being usable. It is now the new default mode when using the LTO optimization model.

> Link time optimization
! 	    can now split itself into multiple parallel complications. The parallelizm
! 	    is controlled using using<tt>-flto=</tt><em>n</em>  (where

s/The parallelizm/Parallelism/ s/is controlled using/is controlled with/

! <em>n</em> specify number of parallel compilations to execute. GCC

s/specify/specifies the/

! 	<li>Large number of bugs was fixed.  GCC now bootstrap with the link
! 	    time optimization and builds working Mozilla Firefox as well as other
! 	    large applications.</li>

Replace with

<li>A large number of bugs were fixed. GCC can now bootstrap with LTO enabled. Additionally, Mozilla Firefox and other large applications can be built with LTO enabled.</li>

! 	<li>Resolution information from the linker plugin is now used to drive
! 	    whole program assumptions.  Use of linker plugin results in a lot stronger

s/a lot stronger/more aggressive/

! single function.

s/single function/a single function/

Thanks for doing this! I'll defer to Gerald for final approval. He may want other grammar fixes.


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