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Re: [PATCH] fix Objective-C, further improve error recovery for unknown type names

>> Bootstrapped (together with the semicolon patch), regtest in progress and
>> fixes all remaining failures (except the one caused by PR45062, ok for
>> mainline assuming it passes?
> OK in the absence of any objections from ObjC maintainers within 24 hours.

I'm not an ObjC maintainer, but I wrote the ObjC fast enumeration parsing code 
that is being patched and I had a look at the patch - it looks Ok to me. :-)

I have one suggestion though --

> @@ -4653,14 +4658,15 @@ c_parser_for_statement (c_parser *parser
> +      parser->objc_could_be_foreach_context = c_dialect_objc ();                                                           

I would change that to always set objc_could_be_foreach_context to 'true'; in C,
it has not effect, so it does no matter what you set it to.  But if you always set it to
'true', then the nice assert that you added a few lines later to check that 
objc_could_be_foreach_context is always set back to 'false' --

> + gcc_assert(!parser->objc_could_be_foreach_context);

gets always exercised when you run the C testsuite, which means that we are confident
that objc_could_be_foreach_context is always restored to 'false' after parsing a C "for"
loop (which is also a valid ObjC "for" loop). :-)


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