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Re: Ping^2: RFA (build): Avoid circular dependency

On 11/12/2010 03:13 PM, Joern Rennecke wrote:
>> I don't have the sources at hand, so I cannot see right now what is
>> the full chain of dependencies.
>> I'll review the patch early next week.
> Are you still planning to do the review in the near future?

Yes.  Your patch has the disadvantage that a normal "make" will not
do the check anymore, because you removed the dependency from all to
s-tm-texi (which previously went all -> info -> ->
tm.texi -> s-tm-texi).

What about this instead, which breaks the circular dependency by
making tm.texi phony.  This way "$(MAKE) tm.texi" is effectively
a synonym of "$(MAKE s-tm-texi)".

---	(revision 166517)
+++	(working copy)
@@ -3688,7 +3688,10 @@ s-constrs-h: $(MD_DEPS) build/genpreds$(
 	$(STAMP) s-constrs-h
 target-hooks-def.h: s-target-hooks-def-h; @true
-tm.texi: s-tm-texi; @true
+all: tm.texi
+tm.texi: force
+	$(MAKE) s-tm-texi
 s-target-hooks-def-h: build/genhooks$(build_exeext)
 	$(RUN_GEN) build/genhooks$(build_exeext) > tmp-target-hooks-def.h

Does this work for you?


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