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Re: PATCH RFA: build machinery: Add Go support to libtool

* Ian Lance Taylor wrote on Wed, Nov 03, 2010 at 09:31:27PM CET:
> This patch, similar to the one I just sent for config/go.m4, adds Go
> support to libtool.  This is not used by anything at present, but will
> be used by libgo when it is committed.  I have proposed a similar patch
> to the libtool maintainers.  When gcc includes a version of libtool with
> support for Go, this patch can go away.
> Bootstrapped on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.  OK for mainline?

Hmm, I found an issue with this now:

> --- libtool.m4	(revision 166249)
> +++ libtool.m4	(working copy)

> @@ -850,6 +851,10 @@ AC_PROVIDE_IFELSE([AC_PROG_GCJ],
>         m4_ifdef([LT_PROG_GCJ],
>  	[m4_define([LT_PROG_GCJ], defn([LT_PROG_GCJ])[LT_LANG(GCJ)])])])])])
> +  [LT_LANG(GO)],
> +  [m4_define([AC_PROG_GO], defn([AC_PROG_GO])[LT_LANG(GO)])])
> +

The AC_PROVIDE_IFELSE call should be wrapped in
  [ ...

so that autoconf won't complain about undefined AC_PROG_GO in cases
where the won't call AC_PROG_GO and thus aclocal won't pull
in go.m4.  This is needed for old Autoconf versions only.

>    [LT_LANG(RC)],
>    [m4_define([LT_PROG_RC], defn([LT_PROG_RC])[LT_LANG(RC)])])

With that, things seem to work.


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