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Re: [PATCH] Fix PR45352

2010/11/3 Andrey Belevantsev <>:
> Hello,
> Now that we have agreed about the scheduler not issuing more than issue_rate
> insns, the PR can actually be solved easier. ?I only need the loop resetting
> sched cycles be in line with the rest of the scheduler and advance state
> when we have issued issue_rate insns. ?The only bits from the old patch that
> are needed are not setting need_stall to 1 when no variable_issue hook
> exists and properly synchronizing rescheduling regions and resetting cycles
> regions. ?These do not make us trying to issue more than issue_rate insns.
> The patch fixes all test cases and in the process of bootstrap/test on ia64,
> ok if it passes?
> Andrey
> 2010-10-22 ?Andrey Belevantsev ?<>
> ? ?PR rtl-optimization/45352
> ? ?* sel-sched.c (find_best_expr): Do not set pneed_stall when
> ? ?the variable_issue hook is not implemented.
> ? ?(fill_insns): Remove dead variable stall_iterations.
> ? ?(init_seqno_1): Force EBB start for resetting sched cycles on any
> ? ?successor blocks of the rescheduled region.
> ? ?(sel_sched_region_1): Use bitmap_bit_p instead of bitmap_clear_bit.
> ? ?(reset_sched_cycles_in_current_ebb): Add debug printing.
> ? ?New variable issued_insns. ?Advance state when we have issued
> ? ?issue_rate insns.
> ? ?gcc.dg/pr45352.c, gcc.dg/pr45352-1.c, gcc.dg/pr45352-2.c: New tests.
> ? ?,,
> ? ? New tests.

This caused:


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