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Re: [Patch debug] Do not emit debug sections until they are required.

Hi Richard,
On 6 Nov 2010, at 00:08, Richard Henderson wrote:

On 11/03/2010 06:33 AM, IainS wrote:
This is the only hunk that concerns me.  I don't believe that this
is valid dwarf.  In particular, a non-empty pubnames implies that
we must have had an info section from which to pull the names.

Did you have a test case that caused you to make this change?
If not, ok with gcc_assert (info_section_emitted).

not a test-case -- but Java achieves it ... ... and with the gcc_assert (), fails to bootstrap on i686-darwin.

Ok, got it.


We generate pubtypes before -feliminate-unused-debug-types does its
thing.  So we're putting stuff in pubtypes that are no longer in the
compilation unit.  Which is a Bad Thing.  I was right about us
emitting invalid dwarf2.

it looks like we have possibly only been doing it when the table was empty...

We should generate pubnames/pubtypes from the final debug_info tree,
rather than trying to emit them earlier.

That looks quite involved (but maybe I miss something).


It seems that checking the the Vec has size > 0 is not enough for pubtypes (because of the possible elimination).

Would it be sufficient (although another pass through the table :( ) to check that at least one type will be emitted before trying?


Also I note that the

  output_pubnames ()

routines check p->die->die_offset != 0 as the condition.

I wonder if that is not supposed to be p->die->die_mark?


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