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Re: [patch, fortran] make fortran dumps more readable

Dear Paul,

> I think that the regression testing is almost unnecessary and that you
> can commit as obvious.

Sending        fortran/ChangeLog
Sending        fortran/dump-parse-tree.c
Transmitting file data ..
Committed revision 166262.

>   symtree: 'my_transpose'|| symbol: 'my_transpose'
>     type spec : (INTEGER 4)
>     Array spec:(2 [0] AS_EXPLICIT 1
> obfuscate[[((__ubound[[((my_transpose:x(FULL)) (2) ((arg
> not-present)))]]))]] 1 obfuscate[[((__ubound[[((my_transpose:x(FULL))
> (1) ((arg not-present)))]]))]] )

What source code did you use to get that example? :-)

> is almost civilized, except for the one array_spec (for
> 'my_transpose').  Is there something that we can do with that?

I'd have to look.

> I wonder if, for most users, a symbol table like the above is all that
> is needed?  ie. introduce -fdump-symtrees that is the same as
> -fdump-parse-tree but without the code?

That is a good idea, and easy enough to implement.  Do you think this
would still be suitable for the current stage?

> I thought that you had forgotten about this patch :-)

I hadn't; it is very handy for seeing what front end manipulation
actually does :-)

> Thanks

Thanks for the review!


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