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Re: Discussion about merging Go frontend

Dave Korn <> writes:

> On 02/11/2010 15:06, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
>> It would seem more natural to use AC_DEFINE here.  Any reason not to do
>> that?
>   It seems a bit much overkill.  There's only a single -D right now, so why
> not pass it straight through?  With AC_DEFINE I'd still have to import @DEFS@
> into the makefile, just to get HAVE_CONFIG_H available at build time, and then
> add a config.h with a single #define in it.  If there were several symbols to
> define, or if there was already an AC_CONFIG_HEADER, I'd do it, but there
> isn't yet, so why haul all that extra weight?

Because we will almost inevitably want it eventually?  I often agree
with that kind of argument, but in this case I lean more toward "start
as you plan to proceed."

>> And of course this code now has to use simple_object rather than
>> objfile.
>   Yep, I'm just revising it now.  Will spin those fixes in at the same time,
> thanks for reviewing.  Let me know if you really want to insist on the
> AC_DEFINE change, but if it's up to me I'd rather just leave it as it is.

I've CC'ed the official lto-plugin maintainer, Cary Coutant, to make the
call here.


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