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[RFC] Quad-float support in Fortran

The attached patch is the current state of my quad-float patch for gfortran. Things that changed since last patch are:

 -- libquad is not integrated to GCC tree
 -- libgfortran communicates the right linker flags (whether to use -lquad) to the driver via a spec file (thanks to all who helped with this on IRC)

Still to be done:

 -- Right now, libquad is in a subdirectory in libgfortran, because creating a toplevel library is too much for me in the time I have left before stage1 closes.
 -- The patch breaks -static-libgfortran, which needs to be reimplemented inside the spec file (probably a one-liner)
 -- Namespace separation in libquad (math symbols will be exported as, e.g., acoshq, but the rest should be liquad_-prefixed)

I welcome all comments, and hope to build an acceptable patch before stage1 ends, though I have little "leisure time" left for this. I welcome any help.


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