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[fortran, patch] Dependencies for frontend-passes.c

> I have two testsuite failures on x86_64-darwin: trim_optimize_1.f90 and widechar_intrinsics_5.f90. I don't know how they could possibly be related, but my baseline testsuite run is still running.

Now I understand why I had these failures... When the file frontend-passes.c was added to the Fortran front-end, its dependencies were not clearly indicated in not even its dependency on gfortran.h, which is rather annoying and can get build in mixed states (in my case, frontend-passes.c values for intrinsic symbol IDs were off by one due to the introduction of the new EXECUTE_COMMAND_LINE in my patch).

So, I propose the following patch:

2010-08-30  Francois-Xavier Coudert  <>

	* Add frontend-passes.o dependencies.

Built on x64_64-linux. OK to commit?


---	(revision 163620)
+++	(working copy)
@@ -339,6 +339,7 @@
   libfuncs.h expr.h
 fortran/scanner.o: toplev.h fortran/cpp.h
 fortran/convert.o: $(GFORTRAN_TRANS_DEPS)
+fortran/frontend-passes.o: $(GFORTRAN_TRANS_DEPS)
 fortran/trans.o: $(GFORTRAN_TRANS_DEPS) tree-iterator.h
 fortran/trans-decl.o: $(GFORTRAN_TRANS_DEPS) gt-fortran-trans-decl.h \

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