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[PATCH, i386]: Macroize zero_extend and sign_extend patterns


2010-08-30  Uros Bizjak  <>

	* config/i386/ (zero_extendsidi2_1): Rename from
	(zero_extend<mode>di2): Macroize insn from zero_extend{qi,hi}di2
	using SWI12 mode iterator.
	(zero_extendhisi2_and): Merge insn pattern and corresponding spliter
	to define_insn_and_split pattern.
	(zero_extendqi<mode>2): Macroize expander from zero_extendqi{hi,si}2
	using SWI24 mode iterator.
	(*zero_extendqi<mode>2_and): Macroize insn from
	*zero_extendqi{hi,si}2_and using SWI24 mode iterator.
	(*zero_extendqi<mode>2_movzbl_and): Macroize insn from
	*zero_extendqihi2_movzbw_and and *zero_extendqisi2_movzbl_and using
	SWI24 mode iterator.
	(*zero_extendqi<mode>2_movzbl): Ditto from
	(extendsidi2_1): Rename from extendsidi2_32.
	(extend<mode>di2): Macroize insn from extend{qi,hi}di2 using
	SWI12 mode iterator.

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu {,-m32}, committed to mainline SVN.


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