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Re: Core 2 and Core i7 tuning

On 08/23/2010 03:17 PM, Andi Kleen wrote:
> First I'm surprised that you wrote that the pipeline description
> in the optimization manual wasn't good enough. Did you use
> 2.1 in 
> as a reference?

Not sure it's the same one, but I have an Intel optimization manual
which only seems to have general information about which instructions go
to which ports; the Agner Fog document has tables which at least try to
provide full information.  In the end, it may not be relevant since I
doubt there's much to be gained from trying to get this 100% accurate.

> As a general comment Core i7 is not a good name to use here because
> it's a marketing name used for different micro architectures
> (already the case). I made this mistake in another project
> and still suffering from it :-)

Most of these points also apply to Core 2, which has two different
variants and a couple of Xeons with the same basic core.

> Comparing costs with my own model: 

The i7 table is just copied from the Core 2 table for the moment.  I've
only adjusted the L2 cache size.

>> +  2,					/* cost of moving SSE register
>> */
> Too high?

Likely.  I changed that in the pipeline description IIRC but this
probably needs changing as well.

> 1 now. Inter unit moves got a lot cheaper.

As far as I know there are still stalls?

>> +  32,					/* size of l1 cache.  */
>> +  256,					/* size of l2 cache.  */
> I used the L3 here. Makes more sense?

No idea.

>> +  3,					/* Branch cost */
>> +  COSTS_N_INSNS (3),			/* cost of FADD and FSUB insns.  */
>> +  COSTS_N_INSNS (5),			/* cost of FMUL instruction.  */
>> +  COSTS_N_INSNS (32),			/* cost of FDIV instruction.  */
>> +  COSTS_N_INSNS (1),			/* cost of FABS instruction.  */
>> +  COSTS_N_INSNS (1),			/* cost of FCHS instruction.  */
>> +  COSTS_N_INSNS (58),			/* cost of FSQRT
>> instruction.  */
> I suspect some of these costs are also outdated, but needs measurements.

FADD and FMUL are correct, I think, but Maxim pointed me at an earlier
patch from Vlad which got better results by changing them.

>>    /* X86_TUNE_PAD_RETURNS */
> Not sure why?

Everything I looked at seemed to say this is an AMD-only thing.


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