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Re: Combine four insns

> As for the patch itself, Michael Matz provided constructive feedback
> which led to a heuristic that eliminated a large number of combine-4
> attempts.  I conclude that either you didn't read the thread before
> attempting once again to block one of my patches, or the above is more
> than a little disingenuous.

It isn't, I replied to your message saying "I experimented with Michael's 
heuristic last week, without getting useful results, so I'll use the one I 
previously posted" so I genuinely thought you were discarding the heuristic 
altogether.  Glad to hear this isn't the case in the end.

As to again blocking one of your patches, there is nothing personal, you 
happened to post 3 patches in a row that I think aren't the right approach
to solving problems in the part of the compiler I'm responsible for.  For the 
first one, I agreed to step down, for the second one you checked in something 
without approval but the end result was sensible, but for the third one you 
were about to set a precedent that wasn't acceptable to me.

Eric Botcazou

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