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Re: PR libgcj/40868 - ecjx should be build with host compiler

Tom Tromey <> writes:

>>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Haley <> writes:
> Andrew> All this patch does is substitute "${with_cross_host}-gcc" for
> Andrew> "${with_cross_host}-gcj".  I don't understand why using the gcc
> Andrew> driver rather than the gcj driver makes a difference.  Is this
> Andrew> because the cross host at this point has gcc but not gcj?  If
> Andrew> so, I guess that's fine.
> I still don't really understand why the dummy is needed.

Me neither. All I know works in native builds, and doesn't in
regular cross-builds. Trying to fix regular cross-builds, not the

> But since it is, the important thing here is to arrange to compile it
> with the proper gcc -- the one that matches GCJX_FOR_ECJX.

As far as I can see ecjx.o should be the same type as the other objects
linked to produce a host binary. But I couldn't figure out how to get
the regular gcc, since it doesn't seem to be passed to the libjava
configure at all.

The config.log shows xgcc for CC and CXX.

> I think the configure parts of this patch looks ok, but I don't see how
> this patch arranges for to be compiled by GCC_FOR_ECJX.

First compiled "wrong" way, then _LINK target removes bogus object file
&& compile using GCC_FOR_ECJX && do the actual link.

> Also, what Ralf said.
> Tom

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