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Re: Quad-float math library: licence question

On 08/13/2010 08:48 AM, FX wrote:
Second, can we define a F95 module interface so that one can simply do USE QUADsomename and have that automatically link in the separate library.

There is no question about how this is handled on the Fortran end: the user says "real(kind=16)".

Third, can we not expand our current dtoa code to handle quad. Our current code is fairly flexible I think. (I have not reviewed your code yet)

Unless I'm wrong, the current code uses the system's printf functions for floating-point output, does it not? If so, because C99 (nor glibc, nor any other libc out there) provides binary128 I/O, we need to provide our own.

Regarding how to proceed, well... let's just say my opinion is that if you ask the SC to ask the FSF to ... to tell the SC to tell the community to ... then maybe this will make it into gfortran-4.9 :)


Then this:

Build the runtime library separately and provide some common binaries for it along with the source hosted out of the Call it libgfortranquad.

Use configury magic to optionally compile the front-end portions. This would be similat to what we do with blas and lapack libraries.

Then gcc is free of any licensing concerns and down the road if something better comes along or the licensing gets settled, we can integrate it further.

How does this sound?


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