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Re: [PATCH 0/3] Configure support for official CLooG versions.

On Thu, 12 Aug 2010, Andreas Simbuerger wrote:

> > * Is ISL source part of the CLooG tarball or a separate tarball?  If a 
> > separate tarball, install.texi needs to explain this.
> >
> The ISL is in fact a separate library, but the CLooG tarball is bundled
> with a working release of it. You can configure CLooG with an out-of-tree
> ISL version, but the default setting is to use the bundled ISL.
> By default CLooG's ISL gets installed into CLooG's install dir and is
> covered
> by CLooG's library path.

What do you mean by "covered by CLooG's library path"?  Do you mean that 
libisl.a is in the same directory as libcloog-isl.a, so that a single -L 
option suffices to find both?  Or do you mean that all objects in libisl.a 
that are required to use libcloog-isl.a are also included in 
libcloog-isl.a so there is no need to link against any other library?

> > * Is ISL included in the libcloog-isl library binary or is it a separate 
> > library binary?  If a separate binary, the configure code needs to link 
> > against it explicitly.
> As mentioned above, it is a separate library. I don't fully understand why
> it is required to link to unused code? The ISL is never required by GCC.

This is not about unused code, it is about dependencies.  If you use the 
ISL-independent interfaces from libcloog-isl.a, will the object files used 
from that library have unresolved references to symbols in libisl.a or 
some other library?  If the CLooG library depends on symbols defined in a 
separate library, it is necessary to link against that separate library 
explicitly, since static libraries do not carry dependency information.  
If the CLooG library is self-contained - only depends on libraries that 
GCC always links with anyway, such as libc and libgmp, and includes all 
relevant ISL objects within libcloog-isl.a - then this is not necssary.

Joseph S. Myers

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