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Re: [PATCH 0/3] Configure support for official CLooG versions.

On Thu, 12 Aug 2010, Andreas Simbuerger wrote:

> The Integer Set Library (ISL) is used within CLooG's backend instead
> of the PPL (Another backend using the PolyLib is available too).
> The official CLooG version provides it's own ISL bundle which
> get's installed alongside CLooG itself. The ISL is exclusively used by
> CLooG for now.

Do you mean that ISL is a part of the libcloog-isl library, so that no 
separate -lisl option is ever going to be needed when linking anything (in 
particular, when using static libraries so shared library dependencies are 
not available)?  There are several questions:

* Is ISL source part of the CLooG tarball or a separate tarball?  If a 
separate tarball, install.texi needs to explain this.

* Is ISL included in the libcloog-isl library binary or is it a separate 
library binary?  If a separate binary, the configure code needs to link 
against it explicitly.

* Does ISL depend on other libraries, like PPL depends on -lgmp -lgmpxx 
-lstdc++?  If so, then the configure code needs to know about these and if 
libstdc++ is involved then the documentation of --with-host-libstdcxx may 
need updating as well.

Joseph S. Myers

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