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Re: [pach, Fortran] Improve dependency checking

Thomas Koenig wrote:
Hello world,

here's another installment of dependency checking improvements.

I debated a little with myself if extending gfc_ref_dimen_size really
was the right approach, but I didn't want to duplicate its code.

Regression-tested on trunk. OK?

Ok. Just two comments:

+      /* Fill in the upper bound, which may be lower than the
+	 specified one for something like a(2:10:5), which is
+	 identical to a(2:7:5).  Only relevant for non-zero strides.  */

I don't really like "non-zero" stride; I guess you mean that stride is present and not one (or did I misunderstand this?) -- in this case maybe "stride not one" is better. Although it seems still clear what you mean.

And secondly, I do not oppose your extension of gfc_ref_dimen_size; however, it seems to me that you could have implemented a gfc_ref_dimen_end function easily by calling gfc_ref_dimen_size from it, instead of duplicating the code. So if you want, you could do this instead? For me, either way is fine, though.

Thanks for your work on the dependencies!


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