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Re: [Patch, Fortran, Doc] Inverse hyperbolic functions

Janus Weil wrote:

Hi Dominique,

I agree that "Inverse hyperbolic *" is better than "Hyperbolic arc*"
(when I was taught hyperbolic functions and their inverses some 45 years
ago, they were denoted ch, sh, and th and the inverses argch, argsh,
and argth, I have no idea about the today fashion!-).

However the inverse hyperbolic functions appear in many places and
not in non-Euclidian geometry only, so I am not very fond
(to say the least) of "hyperbolic area". Why not
"computes the inverse @var{X} of the hyperbolic * (@code{*(X)})."
(or any suitable translation from Frenglish to native English!).

well, I'm starting to think that there may be regional differences in the naming of the inverse hyperbolics (though I'm not sure about this)?


A lot of people were brought up with Abramowitz and Stegun, which I have downloaded (it's claimed to be a work of the US Government - and hence in the public domain) and is accessible as (among other places !):

The (first) page that references ar(c)tanh is page 86:

Obviously, it calls it "Inverse hyperbolic <function>".

The year of publication is 1964.

Hope this helps,

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