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Combine four insns

I was slightly bored while waiting for some SPEC runs, so I played with
the combiner a little.  The following extends it to do four-insn

Conceptually, the following is one motivation for the change: consider a
RISC target (probably not very prevalent when the combiner was written),
where arithmetic ops don't allow constants, only registers.  Then, to
combine multiple such operations into one (or rather, two), you need a
four-instruction window.  This is what happens e.g. on Thumb-1; PR42172
is such an example.  We have

	ldrb	r3, [r0]
	mov	r2, #7
	bic	r3, r2
	add	r2, r2, #49
	bic	r3, r2
	sub	r2, r2, #48
	orr	r3, r2
	add	r2, r2, #56
	bic	r3, r2
	add	r2, r2, #63
	and	r3, r2
	strb	r3, [r0]

which can be optimized into

	mov	r3, #8
	strb	r3, [r0]

by the patch below.  I'm attaching a file with a few more examples I
found.  The same patterns occur quite frequently - several times e.g. in
Linux TCP code.

The downside is a compile-time cost, which appears to be about 1% user
time on a full bootstrap.  To put that in persepective, it's 12s of real

real 16m13.446s user 103m3.607s sys 3m2.235s
real 16m25.534s user 104m0.686s sys 3m4.158s

I'd argue that compile-time shouldn't be our top priority, as it's one
of the few things that still benefits from Moore's Law, while the same
may not be true for the programs we compile.  I expect people will argue
a 1% slowdown is unacceptable, but in that case I think we need to
discuss whether users are complaining about slow compiles more often
than they complain about missed optimizations - in my experience the
reverse is true.

Bootstrapped on i686-linux, a slightly earlier version also


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