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Re: ARM patch: Keep track of condition codes in Thumb-1 mode

On Tue, 2010-07-06 at 10:28 +0100, Bernd Schmidt wrote:
> A few weeks ago I changed the cbranchsi4_insn pattern so that it can
> take advantage of a compare insn output by a previous conditional
> branch.  This patch extends the mechanism to keep track of more kinds
> of
> cc-setting insns, in a way similar to that used on cc0 ports.
> The goal here is to remove the need for special cbranch patterns for
> essentially every kind of operation.  I was trying to modify the andsi
> pattern for PR42172, and it caused code quality regressions.  I'm
> hoping
> that this will be less of an issue after this patch.
> As far as I've observed this patch has little effect on code
> generation,
> which is as it should be.  We're sometimes able to eliminate a few
> more
> comparisons, e.g. for shifts.  Discouraging the second alternative of
> the cbranchsi4_insn pattern tends to make reload work better:
> -       mov     r3, #0
> -       mov     r8, r0
>         mov     r5, r7
> -       cmp     r8, r3
> +       mov     r8, r0
> +       cmp     r0, #0
> A drawback is the overestimation of insn lengths.
> Tested with my usual set of ARM multilibs on arm-linux/qemu.  Ok?

You need to update the comment before the fall-back declaration of
CC_STATUS_INIT in final.c (which says that it's only used with cc0

OK with that change.


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