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Re: [PATCH] Add --enable-default-dwarf=N configury

On Tue, 27 Jul 2010, Roland McGrath wrote:

> This adds an --enable-default-dwarf=N configure option
> to set the default setting of -gdwarf-N.
> This includes some general configure infrastructure for passing
> configure-time variables into Texinfo for use as @value{foobar},
> which might be of use for other things too at some point.

When making such changes to how the manuals are built you also need to 
update maintainer-scripts/update_web_docs_svn to generate appropriate 
files when generating GCC's online documentation.

There is also the general issue of whether the manual is documenting this 
particular installation of GCC, or GCC in general.  So far it has been 
documenting GCC in general (for example, unconditionally including 
documentation of command-line options for all targets) - and given that 
people will commonly be reading the manuals on or some manual 
other than the one with their installation, at least there it seems 
appropriate for the manual to say that the default depends on a particular 
configure option (cross-reference to the installation manual where all 
configure options need to be documented - this patch appears to be missing 
that documentation for the new option) rather than giving an individual 
value.  Maybe there should be a single section in the manual describing 
things about how this copy of GCC was configured (or saying it is a 
generic manual in the case of the copies on

The assembler manual has support for documenting only selected features, 
but the default (and so probably the only case that is normally used and 
is not bitrotten) is a generic manual.

Joseph S. Myers

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