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Re: [RFA, Fortran, try 11] Emulated tls rewrite

Am Sat 24 Jul 2010 01:11:31 AM CEST schrieb Richard Henderson <>:

On 07/21/2010 07:32 PM, Jack Howarth wrote:
FAIL: gfortran.dg/gomp/appendix-a/a.22.6.f90 -O (test for excess errors)
Excess errors:
.../testsuite/gfortran.dg/gomp/appendix-a/a.22.6.f90:4:0: sorry, unimplemented: thread-local COMMON data not implemented

I managed to reproduce this problem reliably. It has to do with the Fortran front end (indirectly) invoking varpool_finalize_decl much later than the C front ends do. Without the decls being finalized, the IPA pass doesn't get to see them and they don't get lowered.

I talked to Richi about this ordering problem on IRC, and changing the
generic ordering of decls vs compilation unit finalization appears to run
into problems with C++ and Java and their aliases.  An acceptable solution
appears to be to hack the Fortran front end to do it by hand.

Hmm, I wanted to get decl finalization out of wrapup_global_decls for a while but never got around it. What are those problems with aliases?


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