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Re: [patch win32]: fix for PR target/41943

2010/7/22 Richard Henderson <>:
> On 07/22/2010 02:51 PM, Kai Tietz wrote:
>> To the point that gcc intends that gcc's internal headers should be
>> used by default. And so it would be wise to put even
>> /usr/local/include behind at least fixinclude, as this would be
>> strict.
>> And secondly, that this patch to add #include_next should be the
>> solution. Also it means that Danny has to think about a different
>> place hasto put the runtime headers into.
>> Did I read you correct?
> I believe all that is correct.
> In order to make process on the second part above, it would seem
> that your include_next patch is going to have to be backported to
> whatever compiler version is using.
> That's a bit of release management I'm not sure how best to coordinate.
> r~

So here comes a patch which keeps the variant untouched for
now, but allows the include_next patch for mingw-w64 triplets.

Ok for apply to trunk? And possible also back-merge to branches?


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