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Re: [PATCH][RFH] Add dg-requires-linker-plugin support


* Richard Guenther wrote on Wed, Jul 21, 2010 at 08:48:52PM CEST:
> > This adds a check for working linker-plugin support to the
> > testsuite.  It's includes a hack to add a -B to find the lto plugin
> > in a built tree (Janis, is there some variable available that
> > specifies the root of the build tree? ?For installed testing not
> > specifying the -B should be ok). ?Should/can the
> > dg-require-linker-plugin automatically add to ld-additional-options
> > (still allowing that to append others?).
> >
> > Thus, not "ok?", but - any help here?
> >
> > It works in a built tree with linker plugin support and it properly
> > makes the test unsupported if I mess up the -B argument (thus it
> > should also work in a tree w/o linker plugin support).
> Another way would be to copy to gcc/, similar to how we
> do for  But I am quite lost on how to do that with the current
> lto-plugin makefiles (not to mention the dependency issue if we want to
> make use of this during LTO bootstrap as well).
> Ralf - do you have an idea where to hook the copying with automake?

I don't yet understand from the above description, what depends on what,
and at what time do you need what to be done?  In an LTO bootstrap, when
is lto-plugin needed, and by who?

I can give some general hints, but I guess that won't help you too much:
if you need to have some action be done before the usual targets built
by "make all", then list them in BUILT_SOURCES; to add generic targets
to be built sometime during "make all", just make them prerequisites of
the "all-local" target.

The early copyback of libgcc is done within libgcc/Makefile (search for
"Early copyback").  The part missing in lto-plugin is the extension of
the shared object and $(LT_OBJDIR).  I assume GCC already has a variable
for the former?  Otherwise, you can set module=yes and eval $shrext_cmds
after AC_PROG_LIBTOOL; that won't give you the right name on all systems
yet but I think on all which LTO currently supports.

The other thing that probably needs adjusting is toplevel Makefile.defs
dependencies line so that *all-lto-plugin is run before anything that
needs it.

I haven't been looking at GCC for a little while now, sorry.


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