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Re: 0005-Search-all-dominated-blocks-for-expressions-to-hoist.patch

On 07/14/10 15:42, Maxim Kuvyrkov wrote:
On 7/15/10 12:58 AM, Jeff Law wrote:
/* Collect expressions which might trap. */
trapping_expr = sbitmap_alloc (expr_hash_table.n_elems);
sbitmap_zero (trapping_expr);
for (ui = 0; ui < expr_hash_table.size; ui++)
struct expr *e;
for (e = expr_hash_table.table[ui]; e != NULL; e = e->next_same_hash)
if (may_trap_p (e->expr))
SET_BIT (trapping_expr, e->bitmap_index);
FOR_EACH_EDGE (e, ei, bb->preds)
if (e->flags & EDGE_ABNORMAL)
sbitmap_difference (antloc[bb->index], antloc[bb->index], trapping_expr);
sbitmap_difference (transp[bb->index], transp[bb->index], trapping_expr);

compute_local_properties ( ... )
compute_potentially_trapping_expressions ( ... )

prune_antloc & transp (bb, antloc, transp, trapping_expr);

This will have the effect of disabling hoisting for all potentially trapping expressions, even if they don't result in abnormal control flow. E.g., a memory reference will not be eligible for hoisting in under these conditions.
? See the e->flags & EDGE_ABNORMAL test prior to removing elements of trapping_expr from antloc or transp.

PRE code for handling trapping expressions removes quite a larger set of expression from optimization space, and that seems like the right thing to do for PRE. Hoisting, on the other hand can relax condtions on trapping expressions by compensating with the VBE requirement. It seems to me that we shouldn't disable hoisting of all potentially trapping expressions, but only of those that have an abnormal edge sticking out of them.
Partially correct. If there aren't abnormal edges in the source blocks, then hoisting can relax based on the VBE requirement. If there are abnormal edges, then hoisting can not relax because nothing adds the abnormal edges to the destination blocks.


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