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Re: Patch 10/9: track subwords of DImode allocnos

Bernd Schmidt wrote:
On 07/13/2010 10:43 PM, Jeff Law wrote:

Overall this was relatively straightforward.  You touched on most of the
non-obvious stuff above.   Answers to most of my questions became clear
as wrote out the questions.  Here's all that's left:

In assign_hard_reg, you moved this hunk:

+          if (allocno_coalesced_p)
+            {
+              if (bitmap_bit_p (processed_coalesced_allocno_bitmap,
+                    ALLOCNO_NUM (conflict_allocno)))
+            continue;
+              bitmap_set_bit (processed_coalesced_allocno_bitmap,
+                      ALLOCNO_NUM (conflict_allocno));
+            }

Into the ! ALLOCNO_MAY_BE_SPILLED_P if-clause rather than leaving it to
execute unconditionally for each conflict allocno. I don't see the
reasoning behind this change.

We've found a conflicting object, and looked up the corresponding allocno. There are two cases here, either the conflicting allocno has a hard register already, or it doesn't. In the first case, we need to track the conflicts by object, which means we can't ignore the conflict if we've seen the allocno previously - we might have seen a different subword. In the second case, we're just doing some costs bookkeeping, and here it's OK to skip the allocno if we've seen it before.

Does that make sense?

I'm happy to let you and Vlad work out the exact timing for when the
bits get committed.

Vlad, is it better for you if I check in the preliminary bits (6-9) now, or should I wait until you've had a chance to look at things?

It is ok for me if you commit it now. The earlier you commit, the earlier I start conflict resolution on the branch and look at your patches.

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