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Re: [Patch, objc] maintenance, make Obj{C,C++} LTO-friendly.

On 11 Jul 2010, at 21:29, Mike Stump wrote:

On Jul 11, 2010, at 2:58 AM, IainS wrote:
Is this eligible for backport to 4.5 with/without Nathan's VEC changes

I'd take a cue from the LTO people and/or the release manager for the branch... If LTO is meant to be a big new important feature for gcc-4.5, but ObjC just wasn't dusted off in time, I think it could be reasonable to just finish it off. If just a minor thing that doesn't matter much, we can push it out. I'm not involved enough in the LTO work to have a take.

Well, Richard has made his view clear, and whilst I was initially surprised that the changes to objc-act.c are considered "way too invasive" ....

As for the ObjC changes for it, they make me a little nervous, so that raises the bar for the back port a little bit.

.... it would seem that you share his view, at least in part, on that.

I guess that it is more important to me that we should dispel these feelings of nervousness ;-)
... therefore to work on whatever is needed to be sure that the solution is transparent and robust.

In the end my interest is in a working, bug-free, ObjC FE that supports NeXT runtime for both m32 & m64 ...
... and the changes for LTO are trivial c.f. what will be needed to achieve that.


Whilst doing this work, I drew out the relationship between the NeXT ObjC meta-data items (on paper) in order to figure out which needed to be specially marked.
When I have a chance I will attempt to transcribe that diagram in some way (perhaps a wiki entry) so that we can apply some joint scrutiny.

I'm also tempted to make a more rigorous set of test-suite entries for each permutation of source content and meta-data (and per runtime).


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