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IRA improvements 0/4

 The following patches are from ira-improv branch.  I believe that
the work on the branch reached the state when it can be merged into
the trunk.

 The branch was tested on x86/x86_64/ppc64/arm and benchmarked on
SPEC2000 and SPEC2006 on x86_64.  For x86_64 SPEC20006 (Core i7) the
branch creates smaller size code (about 0.2%), needs less 1 sec for
compilation, and generates the same INT score and 1% better FP score.
The result may vary for other targets (e.g. a bit worse SPECInt2000
score but bigger improvements for SPECFP2000 score, or bigger
compilation time which is still less 1%).

Removing cover classes makes coloring algorithm more complicated and
it slows down considerably the code for trivial colorability and the code for
cost caclulation (because more reg classes should be tried) therefore a
lot of work has been done to speedup IRA to compensate the slowing

The work is divided on four patches to easy review:
 o removing cover classes
 o more compression of live ranges to speed up IRA
 o decreasing number of processed reg classes in the cost calculation
   to speed up IRA
 o speeding up other critical parts of IRA

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