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ARM patch: Keep track of condition codes in Thumb-1 mode

A few weeks ago I changed the cbranchsi4_insn pattern so that it can
take advantage of a compare insn output by a previous conditional
branch.  This patch extends the mechanism to keep track of more kinds of
cc-setting insns, in a way similar to that used on cc0 ports.

The goal here is to remove the need for special cbranch patterns for
essentially every kind of operation.  I was trying to modify the andsi
pattern for PR42172, and it caused code quality regressions.  I'm hoping
that this will be less of an issue after this patch.

As far as I've observed this patch has little effect on code generation,
which is as it should be.  We're sometimes able to eliminate a few more
comparisons, e.g. for shifts.  Discouraging the second alternative of
the cbranchsi4_insn pattern tends to make reload work better:
-       mov     r3, #0
-       mov     r8, r0
        mov     r5, r7
-       cmp     r8, r3
+       mov     r8, r0
+       cmp     r0, #0
A drawback is the overestimation of insn lengths.

Tested with my usual set of ARM multilibs on arm-linux/qemu.  Ok?


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