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Re: [build, doc, v3] Support Sun symbol versioning in libstdc++-v3, rev. 2

On 2 Jul 2010, at 13:51, Rainer Orth wrote:

IainS <> writes:

That's bad. I suppose the Darwin ld either silently accepts/ ignores -M
or it has a different meaning there which happens to have no ill effect.

hm darwin more usually barfs on things - unless they are BSD compatibility

This may be the 4.3BSD -M option to produce a load map, but that doesn't
take an option argument and isn't listed on the ld(1) man page you cite.

let me know what you want to test - and I'll give it a whirl..

I don't know exactly what you're trying to achieve...
... Darwin has it's own library versioning system, but not symbol
versioning, per se

This is not about library versioning at all, but for only,
there's already libstdc++-v3/scripts/ for Darwin (in
fact, that script is the parent of that creates an
export list, this way at least hiding all global symbols that are not
supposed to be exported.

Ah yes, I remember looking at that ..
.. it would be good to update it to deal with Darwin's _eh situation
(removing the _eh exports, which should not be coalescable AFAICS ,at least for darwin >= 9).

(I also suspect that there are some wrong visibilities too - from some testing I did with the static-libstdc++ ... but I've not looked at it in several months).

time, as ever, is the short commodity.


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