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[Patch build machinery] fix bootstrap fail on darwin8

I can only test darwin8 relatively infrequently these days, and in doing so prior to the merge, found that bootstrap is broken for 4.5 and trunk
(fails on compare m64 objects in libgcc and gomp multilibs).

This is because the ld "-x" flag is no longer appropriate (with intervening changes too numerous to identify which caused it).

the following patch fixes it and has been tested for 4.5 and trunk (at 161635 on {powerpc,i686}-apple-darwin{8,9}, x86_64-apple-darwin10)

OK for 4.5 immediately and trunk when it reopens?



	compare-debug (Darwin): Remove '-x' flag from ld-based stripping.
       Add comment as to why we use ld for this.

Index: contrib/compare-debug
--- contrib/compare-debug	(revision 161635)
+++ contrib/compare-debug	(working copy)
@@ -59,8 +59,11 @@ trap 'rm -f "$1.$suf1" "$2.$suf2"' 0 1 2 15

 case `uname -s` in
-  ld -S -x -r -no_uuid "$1" -o "$1.$suf1"
-  ld -S -x -r -no_uuid "$2" -o "$2.$suf2"
+  # The strip command on darwin does not remove linker UUID commands.
+  # However, we can use ld to do this and strip the binaries at the
+  # same time.
+  ld -S -r -no_uuid "$1" -o "$1.$suf1"
+  ld -S -r -no_uuid "$2" -o "$2.$suf2"
   cp "$1" "$1.$suf1"

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